The office works with consultancy and legal advice in contract law. We provide due diligence services.
Our attorneys are experienced in the presentation of contract claims, including acceleration, breach-of-contract, changes, delays and related costs, pricing and scheduling issues.
We also work in the construction, rebalance, revision, execution and compliance of all kind of contracts.

Legal counsel and compliance in all kinds of commercial operations. Featuring works in companies that are in administrative and financial imbalance and need to restructure.

Performing diagnostic and contract revisions with the purpose of reducing the liability based on the exclusion of undue obligations, or rebalance the contractual relations, proceeding to its negotiation, mediation or corresponding administrative litigation.
Expertise in judicial reorganization and bankruptcy.

The office is specialized in corporate tax law, especially in administrative proceedings before the Board of Tax Appeals of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (CARF).
We also operate in tax and fiscal issues of big complexity related to direct and indirect taxes, foreign trade.
Our lawyers work with due diligence and consulting services to assist our clients to perform their activities regarding the law.

Acting in consultancy at administrative and litigation field, especially in issues involving maritime law, with emphasis on environmental maritime law cases involving companies, port operators and P & I Clubs (Clubs Protection and Indemnity), especially in legal cases, in administrative cases before Government authorities and third parties affected by maritime accidents.

The office operates in the preparation, analysis and advice of international import and export contracts, in addition to other processes inherent in international trade throughout its chain, assisting clients in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, acting also in the compliance and implementation of its clauses.

We also work with a focus on Customs Law and its special schemes, primarily representing companies before the Brazilian Federal Revenue.

Environmental field is one of the most important at present by the necessity in sustainability of business operations and preservation of ecologically balanced environment. And in Brazil, the growth of the infrastructure  that will be evident in the coming years can’t be forgotten.

The office has an important know-how in the operation and development of opinions, administrative defenses (municipal, statewide or federal; in government agencies such as IBAMA and ICMBio, besides other organs of the state), and judicial (state and federal courts) as well other forms of conflict resolution (mediation and arbitration).
We also works with legal consulting services for the confection of Reports of Environmental Impacts and Studies of Environmental Viability and all studies related. Among the administrative work, there are the advices on environmental licenses (Preliminary License, Installation License, Operating License, as well as all the requirements and additional studies to obtain these).

Our team provides legal advice in discussions represented or assisted by prosecutors (such as environmental accidents, discussions about licenses, potentially polluting activities, and other), whether they be administrative or judicial proceedings (civil action or any other genre).
Besides, the office has lawyers with wide experience in civil law, especially in indemnity and punitive damages in environmental cases.