The office Heroldes Bahr Neto & Associated Lawyers in Curitiba was founded in 2012. The founding partners have solid experience accumulated over more than 15 years in cases of great complexity. They performed very successful and exclusive works, especially in business and environmental areas, besides having accumulated knowledge in the tax area at the taxpayer council (CARF – Board of Tax Appeals of the Federal Revenue of Brazil).


Deliver results and build the confidence and security to the customer by delivering exceptional solutions within the ethics and legality.


Being recognized among the leading and most important providers of effective legal solutions, our customers loyalty by building strong relationships of trust, as a result of our technical excellence, agility, and delivered results.


Strong enforcement of ethics and legality, confidentiality and security of customer information, respect for people, investing in the professional growth of its employees and personnel, technical excellence. Customized service and tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients, in order to get total satisfaction through our services.


Our legal team is composed of lawyers with experience in diverse areas of law, working in an integrated way to ensure that the knowledge gained can be shared and quickly applied as needed in each case.


Our work methodology continuously strives for keep the confidentiality, respect to the law and dedication.